Mitsue Nakamura

Biographical sketch

She was born in Mie prefecture. In 1969, she graduated at Kyoto city University of Fine arts (Presently, Kyoto City University of Arts), fine art division, western paintings.
She started to learn the craft of Noh mask in1983. She studied under noh mask craftsman Mr. Yasuemon Hori from 1990 and fully devoted to creating Noh mask since then.
Her masks are adopted by numerous Noh actor such as Kanze Soke. Also, she provides instructions on how to make Noh mask in Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto.

Main exhibitions

  • In 1994 The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto)
  • In 1998 The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto)
  • In 2000 Kyukyodo art gallery (Tokyo)
  • In 2002 Okurayama memorial Hall (Yokohama)
  • In 2004 Shimadai (Kyoto)
  • In 2010 Kyukyodo art gallery (Tokyo)

Television appearance, video pictures and books

  • In 2002 Magazine “TIME TRAVELER 2002 fall”(
  • In 2004 “Miyakonokaori (scent of towns)”(TV Ashahi)
  • In 2006 “Tokinotanbou (exploring times) No.374”
         Noh masks - infinite face expression(CBCTV)
  • In 2006 “Binotsubo (a pot of beauty) file18”Noh masks
         (NHK educational channel)
  • In 2007 DVD”carnet de voyage le japon avec Olivier Martin”(GEDEON)
  • In 2008 Picture book ”Noumenjigen (Noh mask dimension)”
       (Photographed by Yuto Hirakakiuchi, Seikou corp.)
  • In 2009 “begin Japanology”(NHK world TV,NHK educational channel)
  • In 2009 Picture book of Teruo Amachi
         “Nohmenfuushi (Noh mask figures) Mitsue Nakamura - A world of Noh mask”
  • In 2011 Documentary program “-TAKUMI-” 〜Noh mask craftsman〜 
         (Sky perfect TV)