Foreword from Noh Mask Craftswoman, Mitsue Nakamura

Noh Mask Craftswoman, Mitsue Nakamura The expression of the Noh mask, the way it looks to us, shows as figurative expression of unemotional mask. However, the distinctive characteristic of Noh world is to express compassion and the intimate aspect of the person rather than story line. In this context, the Noh masks appear in the theatrical shows expressing rich emotions. The Noh masks are formatively designated to express the various emotions of humans (truthfully, the spirits and gods), such as: anger, sorrowfulness, joyfulness, sadness, hatefulness, jealousness, shyness, and a pounding heart the way it felt in first love. In fact, the masks change its expression greatly when there is a slight change on its angles.

The Noh actors, who put on the mask, are always concern on the angles when they wear the mask. In this website, you can actually see the Noh masks changing their facial expressions in various ways. Those changes on facial expressions shown in this website use a series taken photographs and not modified by the computer graphics.



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An exhibition of Nagoya Nogakudo

World of the Noh mask of Mitsue Nakamura and Yasutaka Kurowarabi -Shape of flowers-, an exhibition in Nagoya Nogakudo was flourishing and finished successfully. Thanks for everyone.

photography : sakura nakamura



Sold- out of Noh mask art collection book

noumenjigenThanks for those who purchased, the “Noh mask art collection book − The dimension of the Noh masks-” has been sold out.



Exhibition of the Mitsue Nakamura’s Noh masks

The exhibition was held in the Kyukyodo gallery from fifth to tenth of January, 2011. We appreciate for the visitors came to the exhibition. Thanks for everyone, it was flourishing and finished successfully.



Noh Mask Crafting Class is opened in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.

Noh Mask Crafting Class is opened in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.



Mistue Nakamura’s article was published in the art magazine “Waraku”, Shogakkan Inc., September 2010

The Article was in the topic of “Wano-tenarai (learn Japanese styles)” of the “Waraku”, Shogakkan Inc., September 2010.



TV documentary program “Takumi” − A Noh craftswoman

Mitsue Nakamura was featured on TV documentary program, “Takumi (master)” − A Noh craftswoman, which was currently broadcasted on Sky Perfect TV (channel 218)



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